Voice Messaging Solution 

EITD Unified Messaging Platform integrates voice and e-mail messaging applications providing a common database of user and caller information. The call processing system combines the capabilities of advanced voice messaging systems with state-of-the-art automated attendant. Voice messages are stored in digital form for delivery at a later, more convenient time.


  • Graphical Interface
  • Message Waiting Lamp
  • Automated Attendant and Voice Messaging Features
  • Email Notification via POP3 account
  • Initial Call Routing Feature
  • Custom Holiday Schedule


Voice messaging systems are especially applicable to office communications as it integrates with other forms of communications such as SMS and E-mail. Users are instructed with easy to understand voice prompts and single digit commands.

The VMS connects to a PBX system and can function as an automated switchboard operator, thereby eliminating the need for a full-time operator. While users are on their phones, callers are given the option of holding, transferring to another extension, or leaving a message in the user’s mailbox. Using the VMS in a corporate environment will reduce paper work and give management a valuable tool for monitoring day-to-day activities.

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