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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Swan(Ghou), a complete system for any organization

With its comprehensive design, the Swan System is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) system, and with more than 500 modules developed by Khobreh technology in the Swan(Ghou) system, it is ready to customize for each set and meet their needs. This system was developed by Khobreh technology companies with more than 50 full-time specialists in over 7 years, and has been made available to organizations, industries, groups, and etc.

Dorna , agile systems for organizations

Manage all your collection elements efficiently and unlimited with the lowest cost of the Dorna HR management system. This system has a unique flexibility and is designed for ease of use.

Zagh system

Today’s collection managers, especially those with decentralized human resources, are in great need of an accurate and intelligent system for keeping employees’ hours of work; Zagh system, in addition to being a full-fledged manpower management system, accurately calculates work hours using smart GPS solutions and automatically registers.

Artificial intelligence

A solution for a long-minded set

Today, our world perceives more than ever the impact of artificial intelligence around it; the Khobreh technology is one of the largest active artifacts in the field of artificial intelligence, with several products and dozens of credible articles, leading in this field, and developing intelligence technology Artificially using its great experiences.


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